What are the Different Types of Roller Shutters?

Jun 25, 2019

Roller shutters have gained increased popularity over the past few years because of their advantages. They provide security, safety from harsh weather conditions, and increase the appeal of the space.

One of the main distinction of the different types of roller shutters would be residential and commercial roller shutters. While most residential roller shutters are aimed at security and insulation, industrial roller shutters focus on security and enhancing the ambiance.

Most modern roller shutters have several add-ons that make them easy to use and maintain. If you do not know which type of roller shutter is perfect for your setting, read on to learn about the various types of roller shutters.

Interior Roller Shutters and Exterior Roller Shutters

Interior Roller Shutters and Exterior Roller Shutters

Interior roller shutters function to provide better light and ventilation to the house or commercial setting. They are more versatile in nature. Exterior roller shutters, on the other hand, are more practical. They offer safety and protection from the harsh weather. Although both interior and exterior roller shutters differ in their basic functionality, they both come in wide range of colors, varieties and types to enhance their appeal.

Manual Roller Shutters and Automatic Roller Shutters

Manual Roller Shutters and Automatic Roller Shutters

Manual Roller shutters are extremely popular as they are the most cost-effective. They require you to manually draw them open or close them. The major maintenance cost you’d incur with manual roller shutters is oiling your roller shutter.

Automatic roller shutters, although expensive, are more convenient as they do not require you to exert any physical strength to open or close them. You can save energy by powering them through solar energy. However, they will take more time for installation and may cost more for maintenance.

Built-In and Built-On Roller Shutters

Built-In and Built-On Roller Shutters

Built-in roller shutters are built into the window or doors and all their components are well hidden and therefore, these roller shutters completely disappear when opened.

Built-On roller shutters are easy to install. However, their shutter boxes and rails are visible on the surface of installation. Although most people assume that the charm of their house is greatly reduced by built-on roller shutters, these days, modern built-on roller shutters are made to look appealing despite their components being visible outside.

Aluminum and Transparent Roller Shutters

Aluminum and Transparent Roller Shutters

Aluminum roller shutters are the best in terms of durability and quality. They are lightweight and are resistant to corrosion, making them one of the most commonly used roller shutters. They use a variety of components to decrease noise, save energy and provide protection.

On the other hand, transparent roller shutters are now gaining popularity. These roller shutters provide visibility. It could be installed in your residential space to overlook the garden or in a commercial setting. They also reduce power consumption.

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