A Step by Step Guide to Roller Shutters

Jun 22, 2020

A Step by Step Guide to Roller Shutters

Whether it’s making your home more environmentally-friendly or providing added protection, roller shutters in Perth provide bang for your buck.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about installing some roller shutters in your abode, for comfort, peace of mind and their insulation features.

Perhaps you’re unsure of the styles, features, costs and overall process of roller shutter installation.

Not sure where to start? Read more from Smarter Outdoors, for your step by step guide on all thing’s roller shutters Perth.

Reasons to choose roller shutters

Chances are, if you’re considering roller shutter installation in Perth, then you probably have an idea of their benefits, but let’s take another look:

  • Insulation

From toasty summers to chilly winters, Perth weather has it all. Have you ever felt that your home doesn’t hold the heat in winter as well as you hoped?

Roller shutters in Perth will hold that heat in and repel that cold air. You guessed it! Your winter energy bills will reduce dramatically, too.

  • Heat blocker

Not only keeping the warm in during winter, your roller shutters will become a barrier against the scorching summer heat.

  • Light and noise control

With roller shutters, you can darken the brightest room or let that sunlight in with just a touch of a button! Also, they reduce noise level by up to 40% – perfect for the afternoon nap lovers and shift workers.

  • Security

Perth roller shutters add value to your home as a criminal deterrent. Good luck getting through those windows!

With the priceless benefits to your home defined, let’s see what the roller shutter process looks like.

Steps to getting your roller shutters

Once you’ve decided that rollers are right for you – it’s now time to turn your vision into reality.

At Smarter Outdoors, here’s how we do it:

  • Free onsite quote

Every home and commercial property is unique, every need is different. At Smarter Outdoors, you deal directly with the owner and receive an honest, no-obligation quote.

Why not ask about a free design consultation, too?

  • Professional installation within 10 days

Once you’ve said a resounding yes – we’ll guarantee expertly (and Western Australian) manufactured roller shutters, installed within 10 days.

  • Superior maintenance

Did you know that Smarter Outdoors roller shutters require little to no maintenance? A garden hose and light detergent rinse to remove dirt build up over time is all that’s needed.

As we stand 100% behind the quality and workmanship of our Perth roller shutters, all come with a 10-year warranty for (more) peace of mind.

Where to go for your roller shutters

Smarter Outdoors are your number one choice for all thing’s roller shutters Perth.

We believe in Smarter Outdoor solutions and smarter savings for our customers with:

  • WIFI enabled roller shutters,
  • Personalised service – direct with the owner and a friendly team,
  • On call 24/7,
  • Interest-free finance and so much more.

Security for your family and your business is priceless. Roller shutter installation in Perth, with its many benefits, will provide that peace of mind and security.

Now, that’s a smart investment.

Ready to install quality roller shutters in your Perth home?

Contact Smarter Outdoors today for the lowest prices, qualified tradesmen and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on your roller shutters.