Choosing the Perfect Outdoor Café Blinds for Your Perth Business

Feb 12, 2024

Café blinds aren’t just for cafés. They’re a versatile and adaptable solution to enhance the comfort, privacy and atmosphere of any outdoor space, whether at a restaurant, event space, office terrace or – you guessed it – a café.

Understanding outdoor café blinds

Outdoor café blinds are typically made from a durable transparent PVC or heavy-duty opaque fabric. They are designed to withstand Perth’s harsh weather conditions, blocking out wind and rain in winter and reducing sun glare in summer. Café blinds also keep out insects, birds and other intruders, creating a pleasant environment for your patrons.

How do they work?

Outdoor café blinds can be fixed or retractable. Retractable blinds can be operated manually via a crank handle, or automatically with a Wi-Fi control system.

We have installed loads of Wi-Fi-enabled outdoor café blinds in Perth, and it’s clear that this is the way things are going for outdoor blinds.

Is there more than one type of outdoor café blind?

Many business owners think café blinds must be clear, but there are actually a range of options to suit your space.

As well as glare-reducing clear PVC, we supply Slidetrack outdoor café blinds in 85%, 94% and 99% block-out fabric. 

Some Perth blind companies also offer cheaper café curtains. These usually zip down and can be rolled up to let air through. The main reasons our customers opt for outdoor café blinds are the same reasons we don’t sell café curtains: durability, security and the all-important aesthetic.

Are outdoor café blinds secure?

Old-style café curtains are hard to secure, but you’re safe as houses with Slidetrack café blinds installed by Smarter Outdoors. Our café blinds have a bunch of safety features for peace of mind:

  • Single or double-sided locks
  • Shielded side spline to prevent tampering
  • Heavy-duty top tubes and bottom bar
  • Lockable bottom bar tucked into the channel

Security is arguably the #1 reason to get custom café blinds. They’re made to measure, which means no gaps in your business’ security and no unwanted guests.

What to consider when choosing outdoor café blinds

Weather conditions

Perth’s weather is pretty steady. It’s hot and sunny in summer, and wet and windy in winter. When choosing outdoor café blinds, go for a combination of material that’s durable enough to withstand salty sea breezes and the scorching summer sun, and a design that keeps the café blinds in place during sudden storms. 

We’re also seeing wilder and more unpredictable weather in all seasons. Opting for Wi-Fi-enabled automatic café blinds means you and your staff can stay safe and dry, and your outdoor area is protected faster. 

Aesthetics and design style

Whether you lean towards modern, classic or eclectic, outdoor café blinds should complement your business’s style. Blinds are designed to integrate seamlessly into your outdoor area, and not distract guests by looking out of place.

Remember that you’re not restricted to clear or grey blinds. We offer a range of colours and shades, and our experience can help you find the perfect blind to suit your space.

We also encourage business owners to think about aesthetics from the customer’s perspective. If you’re running a beachfront restaurant, clear café blinds are a great solution to keep people comfortable without obstructing the view. But if you’re hosting events in a busy area, blockout blinds might be a better choice for privacy. 

Durability and maintenance

Outdoor café blinds are exposed to the elements year-round. Choosing blinds made from robust materials will minimise maintenance requirements and save on replacement costs.

When we talk about materials, this includes everything from the blind material down to the smallest components. High-quality fabric is great, but the wind and weather can strain the fabric if your blinds run on cheap plastic slides – or no slides.

Slidetrack blinds are manufactured locally in Australia using high-quality components and minimal plastic. This means fewer weak spots, less maintenance and more security for your business.

Customer comfort

The outdoor café blinds you choose should create a comfortable and inviting space for customers. You want them to enjoy their coffee, meal, meeting or event without being subjected to the elements. 

Blinds that allow for adjustable airflow and light control are the key to creating a pleasant and inviting atmosphere. Modern outdoor café blinds in Perth have multiple locking points, allowing you to secure the blind for full sun, partial shade, or complete protection. 

Smarter Outdoors: Your partner for outdoor café blinds in Perth

Here are some of the ways Smarter Outdoors can help you choose the perfect outdoor café blinds for your Perth business:

  • We can give you a detailed rundown of the factors you should consider when installing café blinds at your premises.
  • We don’t use dodgy sales tactics or pressure you to make a decision, but rather give you all the information and leave the decision with you.
  • We can share inspiration and examples of Slidetrack outdoor café blinds in Perth businesses, so you can see how they work.
  • We can install your blinds professionally in as little as 10 days.
  • We offer a variety of maintenance tips and spare parts to keep your blinds looking and performing their best.

Smarter Outdoors is a leading provider of Slidetrack outdoor café blinds in Perth. We have been helping businesses choose the perfect blinds for over 10 years, and our qualified installers have been in the blinds business for even longer. 

We know window coverings, and we know too many businesses overpay for inferior products. Slidetrack outdoor café blinds are designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate and built with premium materials for better performance. That’s why we exclusively offer these industry-leading café blinds.If you’re looking for a custom solution that doesn’t cost the earth, give us a call. We would be happy to visit your business for an on-site quote and run you through all the options that suit your space.