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For many reasons, plantation shutters have recently become one of the most popular options for people’s offices and homes in Australia. As one of the oldest ways of door and window dressing, you can hardly go wrong with plantation style shutters for your premises. This is even justified by the introduction of the modern plantation shutter in the market, which is incredibly timeless and versatile. At Smarter Outdoors, we have been very instrumental in developing and supplying a wide variety of plantation shutters in Perth, which are strongly built to withstand the harsh climatic conditions.

As a homeowner, you must be wondering if installing a plantation shutter in your Perth home could add any value. At Smarter Outdoors, we have worked with all sorts of customers for more than a decade, supplying them with shutters and blinds. Based on the vast experience, we highly recommend  to install plantation shutters into your home due to the multiple associated benefits.

Plantation Shutters offer Versatility

Unlike the ordinary curtains, window shutters can be tailored to fit virtually any window frame, from huge bay windows to tiny potholes and from sharp angles to smooth and circular designs. This precision enables them to be more economical and flexible with the available spaces, allowing customers to avoid the bulky curtains.

Energy Efficiency of Plantation Shutters

Energy conservation is one of the multiple benefits that plantation shutters offer to your home. Naturally, this should be one of the critical factors to consider for anyone contemplating window treatment as one of their home improvement ideas. From their integral structure, plantation window shutters manage to keep the cold out and retain indoor heat during winters. Their insulating nature helps keep the extreme heat out during summers, hence maintaining balanced indoor air quality.

The INSPIRE Shutter

One of the products that have become very popular with our customers at Smarter Outdoors is the INSPIRE indoor plantation shutter. Unlike other window covers, the INSPIRE product comes with a 15-year warranty, which you can transfer to new owners who may buy the shutter on a secondhand basis. Also, the INSPIRE shutter is made of non-toxic recycled materials, which make it a brilliant fit for both internal and external home designs. The INSPIRE indoor shutters range is Australian made and manufactured in Queensland.

One of the salient features of this high quality product is its resistance to shrinking, warping, cracking, and discolouring. Its maintenance is also made more comfortable by its ease of cleaning, which can be done using warm, soapy water for optimum care. The beauty of the INSPIRE shutter is that it is water-resistant, and in case it acquires minor damages and dents, it can be easily warmed out. This makes it an excellent fit for installation in wet areas, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

In case you are planning to incorporate either an external or internal shutter panels into your home design, feel free to contact us at any time for home consultations, and our professional technicians will be available and ready to assist you in the best way possible.

We supply and install a wide range of window covers at Smart Outdoors, from outdoor blinds to the plantation and aluminium shutters. We offer home cosultations with a free measure and quote, aiming to make our services incredibly affordable. Our terms and conditions are also very flexible. Unlike our competitors, who take 10-12 weeks to complete the installation process, we will install your window cover in just four weeks.

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Frequenty Asked Questions

Do plantation shutters add value to your home?

The answer is yes! Plantation shutters are a budget-friendly home improvement addition guaranteed to up the ante and make your home more valuable.

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What are plantation window shutters and why are they popular in Perth, Australia?

Plantation window shutters are a type of window treatment that has become popular in Perth, Australia. They are versatile, can be tailored to fit any window frame, and are more economical and flexible than bulky curtains.

What are the benefits of installing plantation shutters in a home?

Plantation window shutters offer energy efficiency, help conserve energy and maintain balanced indoor air quality, and provide insulation to keep the cold out during winters and extreme heat out during summers.

What is the INSPIRE indoor plantation shutter, and what are its salient features?

The INSPIRE indoor plantation shutter is a high-quality product that is resistant to shrinking, warping, cracking, and discoloring. It is made of non-toxic recycled materials, is water-resistant, and can be easily cleaned with warm, soapy water. It comes with a 15-year warranty that can be transferred to new owners.

What window coverings does Smarter Outdoors supply and install?

Smarter Outdoors supplies and installs a wide range of window coverings, including outdoor blinds, plantation shutters, and aluminum shutters.

What are Smarter Outdoors' terms and conditions for window cover installations?

Smarter Outdoors’ terms and conditions are flexible, and we offer home consultations with a free measure and quote. Unlike our competitors who take 10-12 weeks to complete installations, we complete installations in just four weeks. We also offer 0% interest payment plans, and customers can ask about us for more information.

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