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Here at Smarter Outdoors, we pride ourselves on helping our customers find the best solution for their home, when they are thinking about installing roller shutters. Our extensive range of window roller shutters are cost-effective home security option, providing an efficient way to guarantee the privacy and protection you desire.

Manufactured right here from our family owned and operated business in Western Australia, we design all of our products to withstand the harsh weather conditions in Perth. Combined with our team of experienced installation specialists of shutters and blinds, we installed professionally, you can sleep safe knowing we back our products 100%, and provide an exclusive guarantee and 10-year warranty.

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Residential shutters

As the name suggests, residential shutters typically meet the needs of a residential home. There are various types of residential shutters, such as fire shutters, which are fitted to resist fire momentarily. At Smarter Outdoors, we have professional workers to help fix the fire shutters in your house and make your home secure. We also provide our customers with reliable information to help them choose the best quality window shutters for window coverings. The cost of installation varies depending on the type of shutter and the size of your home. However, clients are provided with free quotes, which help them choose what suits them best and make informed budgetary decisions. Our company’s primary objective is to provide high-quality and affordable products and installation services to our customers.

Commercial Shutters

Commercial shutters are suitable for commercial properties. The extent of their installation depends primarily on the size of the property. There are different types of commercial shutters, which include roller shutters, advantage, and aluminium shutters. All of them have slots and slats that come in different styles depending on customers’ preferences.

At Smarter Outdoors, we provide each customer with a free measure and quote to help them adhere to their tight budgets. These shutters require regular servicing to keep them in brilliant shape. However, that should not worry you since our company will always provide the customers with adequate guidelines for performing the maintenance services.

Notably, also, we offer interest-free finances to our customers. Our goal is to help clients improve their stores and commercial offices without breaking the bank. Choosing these high-quality metallic doors is the ultimate way of stopping theft and vandalism.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters are meant to bring an appealing reflection and enhance the aesthetic design of your house. They are mainly fitted within doors and windows to offer a wide range of benefits. For instance, they regulate the amount of light entering the house. These shutters are most conducive for bedrooms and kitchens. They are a prudent way to enhance privacy without compromising the flow of light. Outdoor blinds help strengthen the security of your house.

Contact Smarter Outdoors today and let our professional experts help you understand the best plantation shutters for your kitchen, bedroom, or outdoors.


Ben is very knowledgeable and friendly. His prices are amazing and the support can’t be beaten. These are the people you want providing you with roller shutters at your house!

Derrick – Perth

We are very satisfied with the installation and the shutters itself. The tradesman was on time and quickly installed the shutters without any problem. Ben was awesome when we got a quote and didn’t pressure us in any way. Would recommend to anyone.

Evangeline – Perth

The name says it all. Very nice to deal with people who truly have a passion for their job and customer service. The finishing quality was some of the best I’ve seen over my years.

Andrew – Perth

Frequenty Asked Questions

Are roller shutters good for security?

One of the most obvious ways roller shutters can help keep your property safe is by deterring crime. They are made of heavy-duty metals, which makes them difficult to break through. They also have unique designs that make it difficult to climb over them.

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What type of roller shutters are the best?

The type of roller shutters you choose for your home or business depends on your lifestyle, needs, and budget.

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Do roller shutters keep cold out?

It’s well-known that roller shutters do a great job at keeping sunlight in and preventing your home from overheating during summer. But are they just as effective at keeping the cold out and preventing heat loss? The answer is yes.

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