Do Roller Shutters Keep Cold Out

Jul 17, 2021

Roller shutters are a fantastic solution to keeping the bright sun of the summer away from our house, preventing overheating. A lot of homes in Australia use some kind of window insulation to make staying indoors comfortable, from heavy curtains and black-out blinds to modern roller shutters mounted on the exterior. 

Comfortable Indoor Climate in Australia

Roller shutters have a lot of benefits for homeowners, especially in Western Australia’s harsh climate, with long waves of heat during the hot summer, strong winds, heavy rain, and temperatures that in winter can fall below frost level. 

To keep all these elements from affecting the environment inside the house, homeowners can use a variety of solutions: highly efficient air conditioning that can also heat the house during winter, a centralised heating system based on gas or wood, floor heating, etc. 

A very important aspect in keeping your home both energy-efficient and comfortable both during summer and winter is to have efficient insulation. While good roofing and wall insulation are often considered when building or buying a house, some homeowners neglect the windows as one of the major points of temperature exchange between the indoor and the outdoor. 

Do Roller Shutters Keep Cold Out?

It’s well-known that roller shutters do a great job at keeping sunlight in and preventing your home from overheating during summer. But are they just as effective at keeping the cold out and preventing heat loss? The answer is yes. 

During winter, homeowners start using their heating systems to keep the temperature to a comfortable level. What many people don’t know is that a lot of the winter heat they are generating gets lost through the windows, especially in homes with large windows, leading to high energy bills. 

With the help of roller shutters, you will keep the hot air from being transferred outdoors by poorly insulating windows and make it remain inside the house. Roller shutters have insulating materials on the inside and they are fitted so well on the windows that they completely shut over them. If these conditions are met, you can reduce heating power bills by 30-40%. 

Why Roller Shutters?

As a means of insulating your home from the outdoor temperatures, roller shutters do a great job, as long as they are fitted and installed properly over the windows. The shutters we make and sell at Smarter Outdoors are designed to fit your windows very well, to ensure their insulating properties. 

Good roller shutters have numerous benefits for your home:

  • Noise reduction: when you live in a busy area of a city, you know how many noises one can hear coming from the outside. Roller shutters are able to reduce noise and make your home much more comfortable and healthier, eliminating bothersome sounds. 
  • They keep your home cooler in the summer: during summer, Western Australia gets plenty of sun, and temperatures about 104°F are fairly common. Roller shutters prevent excessive sunlight from entering your home, which in turn helps you not use the air conditioning for a long time or at maximum power.
  • They help you decrease the cost of your power bills: by making your home efficiently insulated and preventing heat transfer from the outdoor to the indoor and the other way around, roller shutters are fantastic at reducing your electricity cost. 

If you want custom-made, perfectly fitting roller shutters for your home, don’t hesitate to contact Smarter Outdoors. We make some of the best roller shutters on the market and expertly install them for you, offering a 10-year guarantee for motors, shutters, and labour.