What Type of Roller Shutters Are the Best?

Jul 11, 2022

Roller shutters have become one of the most preferred types of doors for homes and businesses. This increasing popularity is linked to their undeniable benefits. Not only do roller shutters enhance the curb appeal of your space, but they also provide security against intruders, insulation benefits, and maximum resistance against harmful UV rays, wind, and rain.

Roller shutters are designed from high-quality steel strips overlapped and hinged for optimal power. There is no doubt they offer maximum protection, making them a great choice for residential and commercial applications.

But the big question is, what type of roller shutters is best for your space? The team at Smarter Outdoors has over 10 years of experience serving our clients across Perth, so you can bet we know a few things about shutters. Below, we discuss some of the best roller shutters that can work for any space.

What Type of Roller Shutters Are the Best? | Blog

1. Manual Roller Shutters

The cost-effective manual roller shutters are a popular choice for many because of their added safety and security. Using a technique such as crank or winder, you can open or close your exterior shutters whenever you wish.

As the name suggests, manual roller shutters are operated manually; you just need to draw them to open and shut them. Manual roller shutters are easy to install, and you don’t need the power to access them.

2. Electric Roller Shutters

Compared to manual roller shutters, electric roller shutters cost more to install and maintain. However, they are easy to use and much more convenient than their manual counterparts. The electric rolling shutters are typically a power drive integrated with an electric motor that helps open and shut your shutters more easily.

With no manual labour required, your shutters can be operated and your property protected by a single touch of a button. You can also connect your electric shutters to your home’s electric system or solar power to optimise your energy consumption.

3. Remote Shutters

The recent technological advancements have seen many innovations that have transformed many aspects of our homes. One of these innovations is the remote shutters that offer the same level of security as electric shutters but with added convenience.

The main difference between remote and regular electric shutters is that electric shutters are powered by your home’s power system, while remote shutters are operated by remote controls that run on battery.

This can help keep your home safe, even during power outages. Remote shutters offer a smart solution allowing you to raise and lower your shutters from anywhere within your home. They can work well on your doors, windows, and garage door.

Buy the Best Roller Shutters at a Competitive Price

The type of roller shutters you choose for your home or business depends on your lifestyle, needs, and budget. Contact Smarter Outdoors for a free quote today if you need assistance deciding on the most suitable residential or commercial roller shutters for your space.