Do Outdoor Blinds Keep Out The Weather?

Dec 13, 2022

Outdoor blinds are fashion additions and protective shields that add more space to an outdoor area. Can Outdoor blinds handle the elements or not? At Smarter Outdoors, we frequently get this question from customers. Like any other investment, most homeowners want to know whether these blinds can add value to their homes. Let’s look at how outdoor blinds perform against various weather conditions.

outdoor roller blinds

Outdoor Blinds against Rain

Whether you have roll-up or corded outdoor blinds, one of the most common reasons for using them is their protection against rain. Outdoor blinds provide visibility and are thick enough to keep balconies or patios dry. It is essential to note that your outdoor blind may not be 100% waterproof, but it can significantly reduce the rain’s impact.

This means you can remain outside on your balcony and patio even if it rains. Appropriate use allows you to maintain fresh air while preventing rain damage.

Outdoor Blinds against the Wind

Wind not only blows over the objects in your outdoor area but also brings debris and dirt. Installing outdoor roller blinds on your outdoor living will prevent strong winds from ruining your outdoor space.

If you have outdoor blinds on your balcony or gazebo, you can know that they will prevent wind speeds from blowing your belongings away. Ziptrak blinds are a popular choice for homeowners who want to turn their patios or balconies into rooms by enclosing them from wind and rain.

Outdoor Blinds and Sun Protection

Sunlight can damage your interior and exterior furniture. Suppose you are worried about the excessive heat from the sun damaging your furnishing during summer or want to maintain a manageable outdoor living area. In that case, outdoor blinds offer the sun protection you need.

Your plants may also suffer from exposure to sunlight. If you have plants on your balcony or patio, installing outdoor blinds can be a suitable option. These blinds can help you control how much sunlight your plants receive.

Your outdoor blinds can filter out sunlight to ensure you get enough light without worrying about being exposed to scorching heat and harmful ultraviolet rays. At Smarter Outdoors, you can find blinds with 95%, 99%, and 100% thickness in Mesh. This gives you a wide range of visibility while fully enclosing your outdoor space to keep your home cool during the hot season. The outdoor blinds also allow you to create shade during the hot summer season.

Shop Quality Outdoor Blinds Today

However tough the weather is, an outdoor blind will help you expand your outdoor space and protect your interior and exterior spaces. With our motorised outdoor blinds, you can achieve the protection and comfort you need with a touch of a button. These blinds can come in handy when the weather suddenly changes. Browse our collection of outdoor blinds and order yours today.