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Did you know the cost of solar energy has fallen by 85% over the last 10 years? Installing solar panels in your home is more cost-effective than coal, saving you money on electricity bills. However, quality solar panels can do more good than just saving you money.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has warned that we are running out of time to reduce our carbon footprint, insisting we must reduce our carbon emissions by 45% by 2030. It’s vital that carbon emissions fall by half within the next decade and this is the advantage of solar panels.

The utilisation of residential solar energy can drastically reduce CO2 emissions and decrease the demand for fossil fuels. Solar panels are low maintenance, save you money, reduce your carbon footprint, and even improve property value. They’re an investment in not only your future but the world’s future.

The solar power system size one chooses to install should be selected based on your household’s annual electricity needs, whether battery storage (or solar battery system) is going to be added, and the size restriction set in your house’s location.

We offer a range of solar panels system in Perth Western Australia, from solar companies LONGi and Seraphim as well as system installation for home and business.

LONGi Solar Panels:

LONGi Solar is a world-leading mono-crystalline solar module manufacturer for achieving the best Levelized cost of energy solutions. Focused on p-mono for the past 19 years, LONGi Solar is the largest supplier of mono-crystalline products in the world today. LONGi’s solar panels feature:

High efficiency
Low Degradation
Sleek appearance
High strength frame

Seraphim Solar Panels

Seraphim Solar Panels are currently ranked in the PV Evolution Labs Top Performers across 4 of the 6 annuals tests in the latest report.

Solar Cell product features:

Superior performance mono and polycrystalline cells with efficiency up to 22.3%
Highly uniform and aesthetically appealing modules
Improved charge-collection effect through finer and closer fingers design
Lower light-induced degradation and hotspot prevention leads to maximum yield over the entire module lifetime
Blue Si3N4 anti-reflective coating allows more sunlight to be captured and converted

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A solar inverter converts direct current into alternating current and is what makes the energy generated by your solar PV system usable. To generate electricity from a renewable energy source, such as the sun, you need an inverter to play the role of the middleman.

The energy that comes directly from the sun is in the form of a direct current, but your household needs an alternating current. This is where the inverter comes into play. The inverter converts the direct current (the sun’s energy) into the desired alternating current.

When considering switching to solar, an inverter is a vital component. It’s one of the most important elements of the electrical power system. Investing in an inverter means saving on energy costs. At Smarter Outdoors we offer both entry-level and high-end inverters, manufactured by Fronius and Growatt.

Investing in an inverter means saving on energy costs. According to the Australian Energy Council, the payback period (which is the year in which the cumulative savings have outweighed the cumulative costs) of a solar PV system can be reached in as short as five years.


Fronius manufactures only the highest quality sustainable products that undergo comprehensive endurance testing. During these tests, their products withstand extreme conditions. A device will only pass the aforementioned test and move onto production if it has withstood external influences of extreme temperatures, moisture, ice, salt, dust, and dirt without becoming


Growatt inverters are entry-level inverters provided at an affordable price. However, these inverters are anything but low quality, having a max efficiency of 98.7%. According to IHS Markit, Growatt is one of the world’s top 10 inverter brands.

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