5 Areas You Should Upgrade Before Selling Your Home

Nov 17, 2023

Selling a home takes more than just listing it on the property market. Buyers need to be convinced to choose your house, which makes strategic improvements to key parts of the home a must. When done well, minor upgrades can impact its overall market value as well as enhance its appeal to potential buyers. 

The following guide outlines 5 key areas of house upgrades to focus on when selling your home, with the buyers’ mentality in mind. Discover the best home renovations for selling you can make today, from upgrading fixtures to adding outdoor blinds.

First Up: Kitchen

The kitchen is always a focal point for potential buyers, it is the heart of the home after all! Upgrading this space can impact the sale, whether that’s minor facelifts to complete renovations. Bear in mind the kitchen can be a deciding factor for buyers when focusing on house upgrades.

Before rushing into a full-on renovation, make sure to factor those costs into the sale price to determine if it’s worthwhile. Otherwise, simply focusing on having modern appliances, contemporary cabinetry, and a range of lighting options can all boost its appeal. 

Upgrading The Bathroom

No one wants to see an outdated, daggy bathroom, especially not when they’re considering moving in. Bathrooms play a key role in Increasing home resale value and can impact its appeal to buyers. While renovations may seem costly, upgrading even a few vital details can boost your overall ROI – as well as sway a buyer’s decision. 

Unlike other areas of the home, people lean towards modern bathrooms with contemporary, clean features. Pay attention to elements such as dirty grouting, broken tiles, old fixtures, and outdated paint when adding house upgrades. Consider new storage areas or updating the vanity to create an instant refresh to the room.

Not every buyer is looking for the latest in interior design, but rather a home that has been well looked after and is ready for them to move into.

Focus On Outdoor Living

Sprucing up the backyard, deck, or patio is one of the best home renovations for selling in WA’s housing market. With such a great climate, it’s no wonder Australian buyers are looking for gardens that become an extension of the home’s living space. Make sure to create an outdoor space that is both beautiful and functional to entice future homeowners.

Elevating your alfresco area can significantly enhance the value of your home before selling, from investing in landscaping features to adding outdoor seating. Each element helps create an enticing lifestyle for buyers, making an outdoor haven a huge boost to the home’s appeal.

  • Seating: Creating an inviting sitting area is key; try to make a cosy, versatile space that’s ideal for both solitude and entertaining. 
  • Greenery: Incorporating plants, shrubs, and flowers introduces a natural feel, as well as bringing colour and life to patios or backyards. 
  • Shutters and blinds: Quality outdoor blinds bring both style and protection, with durable designs available in a range of styles and finishes. Buyers will love to see blinds that can withstand the WA climate, and versatile plantation shutters that are both chic and energy-efficient, all while increasing home resale value.
  • Strategic lighting: One great way to transform the ambiance and emphasise the property’s appeal is with aesthetic lighting. Highlighting key areas while making it a living area to socialise and spend time will bring the outdoors to life. 

Create A Cosy Bedroom

For many people the bedroom is the most important room in a home, acting as a personal sanctuary. Helping potential busters see the appeal of a bedroom can be done with small changes, like fresh paint, updated flooring, or flattering lighting. Placing soft furnishings around like rugs, cushions, and throws is a great way to enhance the warmth of the space and boost the ambience. 

Make sure to declutter and show off your home’s storage options, creating a sense of calm and relaxation as well as adding more space. Emphasise a sense of relaxation and comfort by decluttering and utilising smart storage solutions. Upgrades in the bedroom can impact a buyer’s perception of the home’s cosiness and comfort.

Best Home Renovations For Selling – First Impressions

Buyers will be paying attention to the home as soon as they walk in the front gate (or driveway), so the initial point of contact is important. Investing in a few simple enhancements in curb appeal, such as painting the facade, adding greenery, installing new shutters or privacy screens, or updating the entryway, can all increase the home’s attractiveness. 

Small investments in the property’s exterior can leave an inviting and impactful impression, hopefully setting the stage for a successful sale. Even details like cleaning your window sills and removing shrubbery blocking natural light into the home can help make a great first impression, and give buyers an instant connection to the game. 

Increasing Home Resale Value: Quality Over Quantity

Planning for a few straightforward house upgrades when selling a property can make a world of difference when it comes to standing out on the housing market. Quality, long-lasting improvements can not only boost buyer appeal but help maximise its value.

If you’re selling a home the focus is trying to make money, not waste it. Take the time to choose reputable brands with reliable products that positively impact your home’s curb appeal.

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