6 Questions to Ask Before Buying Roller Shutters

Jan 18, 2019

Buying roller shutters for your home can be daunting because you need to consider several aspects such as quality, style, colours, and more before choosing the right one that fits your budget. To help you select the perfect indoor and outdoor shutters for your home in Perth, we have put together this useful guide.

6 Questions You Should Ask Before Purchasing Roller Shutters for Your Home

Question 1: Will installing roller shutters affect the value of my property?

Since roller shutters have many advantages such as increasing your home’s security and adding instant appeal and functionality, it will certainly have an impact on the value of your property. Thus, well-designed outdoor shutters are an investment for your home that can positively affect its sale in the future.

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Question 2: How much maintenance do they require?

This is one of the significant questions you must ask before making the purchase. The ideal products require very little maintenance and upkeep to function efficiently and look their best. Be sure to purchase high-quality shutters that are UV rated and require less upkeep. Such materials are less likely to rust or break and last long by adhering to regular maintenance routine consisting of cleaning and washing with soap water and sponge.

Question 3: What is the warranty policy for the shutters I wish to buy?

In addition to ensuring that your product will be fixed or replaced if it gets prematurely damaged, a good roller shutter warranty is also the manufacturer’s commitment and promise to installing only those high-quality products that will remain in excellent condition for many years under normal circumstances. So make sure your supplier offers warranty for their shutters.

Question 4: What size will I require?

Be specific when it comes to the measurements of the windows and doors where you wish to install roller shutters. Measure them correctly before you buy the products and compare them with the sizes of the shutters your supplier offers. If you can’t find the right dimensions, ask if you can place a customized order according to precise measurements.

Question 5: How many shutters should I order?

Decide whether you want to update all the doors and windows in your house or just one or a few in particular and place your order accordingly. The number often depends on the purpose of installing shutters such as security and aesthetics.

Question 6: What colour and style should I choose for my home?

Roller shutters come in a variety of shades and styles. Make sure to choose the ones that suit the architecture and colour of your home. This can add an instant appeal and change the way people perceive your property. Also, consider the additional accessories regarding security aspects such as additional latches while installing outdoor shutters.

We Can Help You Choose the Right Roller Shutters in Perth

At Smarter Outdoors, we provide the highest quality shutters for residential properties that are backed by a 10-year warranty on motor, at affordable prices. We can help you select the right products based on your specifications and budget requirements. We also offer customized options for home-owners whose doors and windows do not fit the standard measurements. We also provide products that are wifi enabled and can be operated using a remote control.

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