FAQs about Roller Shutters Perth

Oct 15, 2020

Considering installing roller shutters at your home or business? That’s a smart choice!

Before you do though, it’s worth having some questions answered about how they work and how they’ll benefit you. There’s many a benefit behind roller shutters and they’re so easy to install, operate and maintain.

Ready to have the frequently asked questions about roller shutters answered?

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How would roller shutters benefit me?

If you’re considering roller shutters Perth installation, then chances are you’ve heard on the grapevine why people are choosing to get them installed at their homes and businesses.

Here’s some of the many benefits that high-quality roller shutters provide:

  • Security and peace of mind for loved ones and valuable items inside,
  • Improved insulation in homes, and businesses with commercial roller shutters,
  • Increased privacy and aesthetic appeal
  • Reduced energy consumption, light and noise pollution.

Let’s look at the other questions that you may have before deciding on roller shutter installation Perth.

How strong and durable are Perth roller shutters?

Smarter Outdoors roller shutters are manufactured using top of the range marine grade and rust-free aluminium.

They’re long-lasting and made to withstand any outdoor conditions the Western Australian climate decides to throw at your property.

So, YES, they are strong and durable, with an unbeatable 10-year warranty on shutters, motors and labour to further safeguard your investment.

How are roller shutters operated?

Installed on the outside of a residence or commercial premise, roller shutters are thankfully and conveniently operated on the inside.


  • Through good-old fashioned manual winding operation, or
  • Remote, Wi-Fi enabled operations from the convenience of your smartphone

Roller shutters Perth are so easy to operate.

Do roller shutters Perth installation help reduce my energy costs?


The insulation properties in roller shutters greatly assist keeping your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. What does this mean? Reduced energy costs!

  • By blocking out the sun, it can equal up to 90% reduction in thermal transfer in your home,
  • And it’s a highly cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly solution for every home.

This translates to a sound investment that pays for itself in no time.

What about noise reduction?

Yes, to some degree. Roller shutters can help reduce noise level by up to 50%.

This is great for:

  • Shift workers,
  • Light sleepers,
  • Noisy neighbours, and
  • Traffic-heavy locations.

Do they require much cleaning and maintenance?

No! Thankfully roller shutters Perth don’t need excessive cleaning and maintenance to operate.

However, a soft cloth, gentle cleaning agents and a hose down (slats down, of course) every six months will keep them working efficiently.

Who can help me with everything roller shutters Perth?

Smarter Outdoors are your go-to, trusted team for everything to do with roller shutters Perth.

The Smarter Outdoors promise to you is:

  • Dedicated, hassle-free and professional service,
  • Qualified tradesmen with the longest warranty,
  • The best roller shutter prices in Perth with 0% finance available.

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