How Much Do Roller Shutters Cost in Perth

Aug 26, 2022

Roller shutters! Not only do they provide privacy and security, but they also help regulate temperature and reduce noise levels. In addition, roller shutters are low maintenance and can last many years with proper care. However, one of the most common questions we see people asking is, “how much do roller shutters cost, particularly in Perth?” The answer to this question depends on a number of factors:

residential roller shutters Perth

The Size of the Shutter

The size of the roller shutter is one of the key factors that determine the cost. If you have a small window or door, then you’ll obviously need a smaller shutter. But if you have a large window or security door, then you’ll need a larger shutter. Larger and heavy-duty shutters will obviously cost more than smaller shutters, as they require more material and labour to produce.

Style of the Shutter

The style also plays an important role in determining the cost of roller shutters. More elaborate designs, such as those with decorative hardware or custom colours, will generally be more expensive than simple, functional styles.

The Type of Material Used

The type of material used is another important factor that determines the cost of roller shutters. The most common materials used for roller shutters are steel and aluminium.

  • Aluminium: Aluminum is a popular choice for roller shutters due to its lightweight design and resistance to rust and corrosion. It’s also a relatively affordable option, making it a great choice for budget-minded homeowners.
  • Steel: Steel is stronger than aluminium, making it ideal for high-security applications. It’s also more resistant to impact damage, meaning it can withstand severe weather conditions without sustaining damage. However, steel roller shutters can be more expensive than other options.
  • PVC: These are the most affordable roller shutters in Perth. However, it’s worth noting that they are prone to damage and not as durable as other options.

Manual or Electric Operation

Manual shutters are more affordable as they do not require special electrical components. Electric shutters, on the other hand, require an electrical motor in order to operate. This means that electric roller shutters will generally be more expensive than their manual counterparts.

Smarter Outdoors Shutter Prices

As a general guide, we typically quote around $600 to $2,000, depending on the size, material, and type of operation (manual or electric). However, we always recommend getting a free quote from us so that we can provide you with a more accurate price.

At Smarter Outdoors, we specialise in Residential Roller Shutters, Commercial Roller Shutters, and Plantation Shutters and our experts are ready to help you pick the right shutter for you. Contact Smarter Outdoors today to learn more about our products or get a quote!