Choosing the Right Outdoor Blinds for Your Balcony

Sep 5, 2023

An Expert Guide to Selecting Outdoor Blinds for Your Balcony 

Apartment living has a lot to offer: affordability, a low-effort lock-and-leave lifestyle, and the inner city on your doorstep.

More than one-third (36%) of inner Perthites live in flats or apartments. That’s more than four times the rate of our nearest neighbour Adelaide (8.2%), and catching up to Melbourne and Sydney, which saw over 50% of inner-city residents living in apartments.

But we know a lot of families are hesitant to trade a suburban block for an apartment block. For one thing, people are concerned about privacy and access to open space.

One easy way to transform an apartment into a comfortable living space – while also gaining the flexibility to enjoy the view whenever you like – is to install outdoor blinds on the balcony

How outdoor blinds elevate balcony living

Outdoor blinds are the unsung heroes of Perth balconies. They offer privacy, light control and protection from the elements, and even help to reduce heating and cooling costs. 

Whether you want to flood your place with natural light or get some privacy and peace, outdoor blinds for apartment balconies provide the flexibility to live however you choose.

Enjoy your space year-round

By softening the harsh summer sun and blocking wild winter weather, outdoor blinds keep your balcony cosy all year. Whether you want to entertain, relax, dine or dry your washing, outdoor blinds keep the elements out so you can do it all.

Gain privacy and reinforce security

Apartment balconies often overlook neighbouring units or public spaces. Outdoor blinds provide privacy from neighbours and passersby, so you can relax and enjoy your space without feeling exposed. 

Balcony blinds also make it more difficult for would-be burglars to see into your apartment, keeping your place secure. 

Control light and enjoy the view

Modern balcony blinds are easy to operate with secure locking positions, motorised options and Wi-Fi control, giving you greater flexibility for airflow and natural light. 

You can lower the blinds part-way to feel the Freo Doctor while protecting your furniture (and skin) from the sun’s UV rays, then raise them in the afternoon to enjoy the view.

Improve the apartment’s resale potential

With Perth’s population forecast to rise steadily in the coming years, inner-city apartments will be hot property. Outdoor blinds add style and sophistication to your apartment, making it more appealing to potential buyers and renters. 

You might not be thinking about selling just yet, but with a 10-year warranty on our Slidetrack outdoor blinds for balconies, the investment is low-risk and high reward.

6 things you need to know when choosing outdoor blinds for your balcony

Every home is different, but there are a few things to consider when selecting the best balcony blinds to make the most of your outdoor space.

1. Material

The material you choose impacts everything from aesthetics and comfort to durability and cleaning. 

Outdoor blinds for apartment balcony living are typically made from a high-strength mesh fabric that filters UV rays without blocking the view. If you’re thinking about choosing cloth or canvas blinds, please give us a call before wasting your money.

We also supply and install clear, glare-reducing PVC blinds for balconies where privacy isn’t a concern. 

Beyond the blind itself, a strong and durable track is essential for security and durability. 

Our tip: Choose an outdoor blind made from high-quality mesh over cheap canvas, and look for tracks that hide the spline for added security and aesthetic appeal.

2. Durability

Perth’s weather can be harsh. To ensure your blinds are built to withstand sun, wind and rain, opt for high-quality materials and professional installation.

Our range of outdoor blinds for balconies protect you from 99% of wind, sun, rain and UV rays, thanks to the made-to-measure mesh blinds fitted to durable tracks. Aluminium bottom bars and pelmets offer superior durability in coastal areas, while the durable internal components ensure your blinds withstand the weather.

Our tip: Look for outdoor blinds with a long warranty, such as Slidetrack blinds with a 10-year full guarantee. If you live near the coast, look for aluminium components that withstand the salty air.

3. Design

Outdoor blinds should match the overall look of your apartment and complement existing window coverings. Smarter Outdoors supplies mesh blinds in a wide range of colours, or you can opt for clear PVC without compromising comfort.

Customising the components is also a great way to match your new outdoor blinds to the apartment’s aesthetic. We offer over a dozen standard options for vertical tracks, pelmets and bottom bars, and we can even powder-coat for a custom finish.

Our tip: Choose a mesh colour that complements your apartment’s aesthetics and customise the components to achieve the perfect finish. 

4. Climate control

Blocking wild winter weather and filtering the summer sun are two ends of the climate control spectrum. What about everything in the middle?

Perth’s climate varies, so you’ll want to choose outdoor blinds that keep you comfortable in all weather. With multiple locking positions and motorised options (even Wi-Fi operation), Slidetrack and Ziptrak® outdoor blinds offer precision control. You can raise or lower individual blinds easily to let in fresh air, control sunlight, and reduce reliance on heating and cooling appliances.

Our tip: Consider motorised Wi-Fi-controlled outdoor blinds for easier climate control and faster operation. 

5. Privacy

If privacy is a priority, go for blinds with less opacity or mix and match different styles.

For example, we design and install balcony blind assemblies with a 99% blockout mesh on one side and regular semi-transparent mesh covering the front view. We can also pair outdoor blinds with plantation shutters for the best of both worlds.

Our tip: Look at privacy from all angles when considering how outdoor blinds can improve your balcony.

6. Installation and maintenance

Professional installation ensures your outdoor blinds fit perfectly and operate smoothly. Experienced installers can also guide you on the best placement for optimal sun and wind protection, privacy and operation.

When it comes to maintenance and cleaning, high-quality mesh is both more durable and easier to maintain than canvas or cloth. Aluminum components like bottom bars, pelmets and tracks are also easier to maintain and more secure.

Our tip: Weigh up the cost of professional installation against the benefits, such as a 10-year warranty, millimeter-perfect fit, and greater customisation options.

Perth’s outdoor balcony blind specialists

Smarter Outdoors designs and installs Perth’s best range of outdoor blinds for balcony, alfresco, patio, deck and gazebo spaces. Our durable, weather-resistant Slidetrack and Ziptrak® ranges come in various colours and shades, giving you greater choice for year-round comfort.

We take pride in finding the best solutions for your space, needs and budget. Explore the full range of outdoor blinds from Smarter Outdoors or get in touch for a no-obligation quote.