Ziptrak vs. Slidetrack Blinds

Dec 6, 2022

You might have considered investing in outdoor blinds if you own a home with an outdoor entertaining area. Blinds are a great addition to any veranda, alfresco, or pergola. For this reason, patio blinds or outdoor blinds can increase the usable space of your residential property, allowing you to increase the value of your home. Most importantly, the blinds can increase the enjoyment of your home.

Of all the outdoor blinds options available, Ziptrak, Slidetrack, and Zipscreen blinds are among the most popular. This post will focus on the similarities and differences between Slidetrack and Ziptrak outdoor blind options.

Similarities between Slidetrack and Ziptrak Blinds

Although different companies manufacture them, Slidetrack blinds and Ziptrak blinds function similarly. They are appealing and easy to operate, making them ideal for enclosing an outdoor space. Some of the similarities between these options include:

  • They are available in Mesh fabrics and PVC
  • They void cords, zips, and wires
  • They can turn an outdoor space into a room
  • They are track-guided
  • They are Australian made

The Difference between Ziptrak Blind and Slidetrack

Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds

Ziptrak blinds have a discreet track profile to offer outdoor patio protection. You can use these blinds to protect your plants or outdoor furniture from harsh UV rays, rain, dust, and wind so you can enjoy your outdoor entertainment area throughout the year.

These blinds are safe to use without zips, cords, chains, or ropes. They can be up to 3 meters tall and 6 meters wide. Besides, you can integrate tracks into your outdoor living space’s architecture for an outstanding aesthetic.

Ziptrak blinds have a locking that can be easily adjusted depending on the weather. As they are cost-effective, any homeowner can use them to enhance the appearance of their exterior and interior and improve indoor air quality.

Ziptrak has enough room that allows the spline to move freely. When the wind pushes against the fabric, the spline does not push against the spline guide. For this reason, the guide has reduced resistance.

This means these blinds are unsuitable for use in areas with high winds since the motor typically may have difficulty operating in these conditions. Users have to consider operating the blind from the centre for optimum efficiency.

Slidetrack Blinds

Restrained in guides, the Slidetrack blind system uses more components to prevent the deterioration of the plastic during harsh weather conditions. Besides, the side spline is cushioned by tracks that prevent fading. The spline guide does not allow spine movement. This can cause a less smooth operation when high winds push against the fabric.

Slidetrack features unique design features that make them perfect for challenging installations. The bottom bars and heavy-duty top tubes mean that Slidetrack blind system is ready to stand the test that the South Australian climate throws.

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