Do Roller Shutters Keep the Heat in and the Cold Out?

Sep 22, 2020

Heat in and Cold Out?

The people of Perth buy and install roller shutters for a multitude of reasons.

Most of the attraction comes from the privacy and security they offer, coupled with their ability to reduce noise and light pollution.

Many people want to be energy efficient these days and technology and additions that let us keep warm in our homes in the colder months and cool in the warmer months are ideal.

So, with all that being said, do roller shutters keep the heat in and cold out?

Read more from roller shutters Perth experts, Smarter Outdoors, to find out.

Woeful windows can leave houses cold

There exists a handful of reasons why houses are always cold, or at least, always feel cold.

Some are hard or impossible to alter, like the orientation of your home (North, South, East or West).

Other reasons include:

  • Inadequately insulated house walls,
  • Insufficient exterior heat-insulating material, and/or
  • Windows not up to standard.

Windows mainly act as pathways in the transfer of heat. This allows the much-wanted heat in winter to escape if there’s little to no window insulation or shading.

Look to the larger windows for your problem. Never fear though, there is a solution in the form of window coverings, like roller shutters to trap the warmth inside where you want it.

Roller shutters Perth keep the hot air out in summer

Summer often acts as a double-edged sword, as you want to open up your house for the sunshine, yet you’re often left with a still, hot, and muggy slap in the face!

Thankfully, just as roller shutters Perth prevent heat loss in the home during winter, they block the dry air and heat of summer, too.

Roller shutter installation can:

  • Bring electricity bills down because you’re keeping the hot air out, without the constant use of air-conditioning
  • Give relief and comfort from harsh summer sun, heat and still air, and
  • Reduce noise and light pollution as well!

Roller shutters Perth experts help the people of Perth enjoy the sanctuary and climate of their home, all-year round, rain, hail or shine.

Keep your home warm or cool (when you want it) with roller shutters Perth

The way roller shutters Perth are installed (in front of the window), allows them to block the cold from entering your house. This therefore prevents or reduces heat loss during the cooler months.

To summarise, roller shutters in their design and installation function to keep the heat in and cold out in winter, and the opposite in summer.

Roller shutters bring the peace of mind of security and privacy and controlled climates.

With so many colours and customisable designs – there’s a roller shutter to suit every home and every business. With roller shutters Perth, you’re in control every step of the way.

See how roller shutters Perth can change your home, keeping you climatised and comfortable inside the home regardless of them weather outside.

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