Are Roller Shutters Worth the Money?

Apr 22, 2021

Roller shutters offer many benefits, including increased security and privacy, reduced noise levels and climate control. They can blend in with your house’s or place of business’ design.  You can also choose from a variety of colours. Manual roller shutters provide an affordable option to many homeowners and businesses. Let’s have a look and see if the benefits are worth the cost.

Cost Factors

How much roller shutters cost is determined by various factors such as the materials used, window size, custom colours, remote control and professional installation fees. The cost can range from $345 to $1850 per window or door based on the factors mentioned above. Many companies charge high rates since roller shutters’ durability doesn’t lead to much repeat business.

A lower-end quote can lead to an inferior product with few protective features. It’s always best to get a few quotes and then compare the price, quality, security features, installation and warranties before you make your final decision.


Arrange an appointment with Smarter Outdoors to take measurements, discuss the available roller shutter options and receive a quote. You’ll have to decide between standard and custom-made shutters and pick a colour and style. And you’ll have to decide between manual, electric or remote control operation. 

Once you accept the quote for your customised roller shutter, manufacturing can begin. Production can take 5 to 10 working days to complete. Depending on the type of operation and the overall size, the average installation time per window or door is about one hour. 

Roller shutters need little maintenance; you only need to regularly clean the shutters to prevent dirt from collecting in the springs and rollers. 

Home and Business Security 

Install residential roller shutters to improve home security or business security by creating a visible barrier that can prevent vandalism and burglary. It also gives you a way to increase privacy, and with our Wi-Fi technology, you can opt to control them remotely with your smartphone. If you operate it from inside your home or business using manual controls, you can use electric, solar power or remotes. 

Enforcing the side tracks and the bottom bar makes roller shutters stronger. It also offers extra security through an automatic locking mechanism that immediately locks when fully closed. We create a deeper slat and track for higher protection and additional strength, for your commercial and industrial roller shutter needs.

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Manual Options

Manual roller shutters are a popular option for homeowners and businesses. Not only are they cheaper, but they’re also easy to operate. They don’t rely on electricity, so they’re a reliable option during power outages. Manual shutters use either strap operation or a manual winder system.

Strap operation uses a nylon pulley connected with a woven belt. The belt is attached to a drum, which controls the operation of the slats. It provides you with smooth operation and increased durability, and also a lifting capacity of up to 7.2kg.

The popular manual winder system fits inside the wall cavity and provides a clean and tidy finish. It also has a woven belt that runs through a pulley. The shutter drum rotates the pulley and has a lifting capacity of up to 20kg. 

The many benefits of roller shutters, like security, privacy and climate control, make them worthwhile to consider. Choosing a manual operation system brings roller shutters within reach of most homeowners and businesses. Since quality roller shutters are durable and you don’t need to replace them regularly, they’re worth installing for the benefits you receive.