Why You Should Make the Switch to Automatic Roller Shutters

Nov 12, 2020

With our businesses and homes, technology changes all the times. For instance, single garages turned into double garages (with remote controlled garage doors), 3 by 1’s turned into 4 by 2’s and roller shutters are now popular across many homes and businesses.

Domestic and business fittings, fixtures and technology are evolving to make life easier.

So, why should you make the switch from manual (or non-existent) roller shutters to automatic?

Read more from the roller shutters Perth specialists at Smarter Outdoors to find out.

Making the switch

If you installed roller shutters many moons ago, or recently moved into a home with older shutters, chances are they’re manual. While there’s no danger to manual roller shutters, there are some drawbacks.

Making the switch from manual to automatic is easy when completed by a roller shutter professional at Smarter Outdoors.

Here are our top benefits to making the switch.

Say goodbye to tangled and unsightly cords

The manual to automatic conversion will do away with the unsightly cords that could have been bothering you for years.

Cords are hazardous to children and they don’t add anything of value to a room apart from clutter.

Remote operation

Rather than being labour-intensive like their manual counterpart, automatic roller shutters work from just a touch or two of some buttons.

The variety of functions on the Wi-Fi enabled automatic roller shutters make fine-tuning the position of your roller shutters as easy as a breeze.

Complete control from anywhere in the house

Because of its remote and automatic connectivity, you can operate your Perth roller shutters from anywhere in the house! Even from your smartphone or tablet.

This means no more interruptions to your activities to adjust your roller shutters.

Accomplish that adjustment ever so-quickly, from anywhere in the house. You don’t even have to leave your chair!

Unlock new functions and capabilities

With modern technology and remote-control capabilities, comes great power to control your roller shutters Perth.

Here’s what we mean:

  • Pre-programming for daytime and night-time scheduling,
  • Higher energy efficiency options,
  • Save on time, maximise efficiency and offer complete convenience.

Why not discover the best roller shutter product for you with the range of options at Smarter Outdoors?

Smarter Outdoors and roller shutters Perth

If protection from the elements and intruders, lowered energy bills and superior convenience and security are important to you, you need to call Smarter Outdoors.

Why? Because at Smarter Outdoors:

  • We have the longest warranty on our roller shutter Perth products,
  • Only utilise qualified tradesmen,
  • Offer the lowest prices on roller shutters with 0% interest payment plans available, and
  • Use only the latest, high-quality technology and trusted materials to build, install and maintain roller shutters Perth.

So, manual or automatic roller shutters? It’s really a personal preference, but some people simply struggle to lift manual roller shutters, time and time again.

The good news is Smarter Outdoors roller shutters are installed with a manual hand chain, too, in the event of a power outage, for those worried about the efficiency of automatic roller shutters.

Need help with roller shutters Perth?

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