How to Secure Your Home this Summer

Dec 22, 2020

Did you know, on average, crime spikes during the summer months? We’re talking an increase of home burglaries here, as more and more of us spend time outdoors and away from our homes.

The holiday season encourages many of us out and away for longer periods of times, and while you think you’re locking up and leaving, there could be criminals lurking in wait.

So how can you secure your home this summer?

Read more from the Perth security roller shutters specialists at Smarter Outdoors to find out.

Lock out undesirables

The summer breeze and sunshine encourage many Perth homeowners to open their doors and windows throughout the day, and even night!

Let’s not become too trusting of the public, though. Remember every time you leave your home, day or night, for long or short trips, to close and lock your windows and doors.

Vigilance is key and open windows are an open invitation for home burglars.

Strengthen your entry points

Closing and locking your doors and windows is one thing (well, two), but there’s more you can do to ensure security of and at your home. This starts with  strengthening the entry points to your home.

What does this mean?

  • Ensuring strong doors, doorframes and a fitted, secured frame, too.
  • Weak doors do little keep out a determined thief, even with visible, high quality locks.

The best way to strengthen your entry points is through strong, sturdy doors, locking mechanisms and of course, installing security roller shutters in Perth.

Be smart with extra keys

A spare key under the doormat or even in the meter box is the oldest trick in the book. It makes sense to have a spare key hidden somewhere handy near your home’s entry in case of emergencies, but many burglars aren’t dumb. It’s the first places they’ll look.

What can you do instead?

  • Leave your spare house key(s) with a trusted friend or neighbour, and/or
  • Remove any ‘hidden’ keys on your property if you’re away for a long period of time.

Summer is for fun, relaxing and getaways – you don’t want to spend your time stressing over spare keys and the threat of burglary.

Make the best security investment this summer with the security roller shutters Perth specialists.

Be smart and secure with Perth security roller shutters

There’s plenty of ways to make your home smart and secure. You could install the latest high-tech alarm and video surveillance system. This will help you catch criminals in the act.

But what if you could stop them before they even started searching your house?

This is where security roller shutters in Perth come in – one look at a home expertly fitted with them will turn many  burglars away.

Smarter Outdoors security roller shutters in Perth are:

  • Highly modern, secure and energy efficient,
  • Can be remote-controlled and Wi-Fi enabled,
  • Come in a range of colours to suit your architecture, and
  • Come with an unbeatable 10-year warranty.

Follow all these steps and locking, leaving your home with peace of mind, will be easy for you this summer.

Need security roller shutters in Perth?

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