Do Roller Shutters Block Out Noise

Jun 1, 2021

Roller shutters have a lot of different functions, like keeping out the heat in the summer or keeping out the cold in winter, which will lessen your power bills. This is already amazing, but what about noise reduction?

The question is…do roller shutters work as a solution to eliminate noise? 

In short yes, roller shutters can keep out unwanted noise, but the sound can still enter your home in other ways. You can get soundproof shutters, and this will hugely reduce the levels of noise. You’ll need to use roller shutters with something extra for the roller shutters to be more effective, however. This is a great option if you don’t want a permanent fix. For instance, if you don’t like the roller shutters in 10 years, then you can always just take them off later. It’s also great that it’s not so expensive. Other methods of soundproofing your house are ridiculously overpriced, whereas roller shutters are half the price, if not cheaper.

What Can I Use With Roller Shutters to Make Them More Effective?

If you apply silicone sealant between the headbox and the wall, then you can achieve optimum noise reduction. You’ll have to make sure that the whole house is sealed properly because you don’t want cracks to bring the noise inside. This, together with the roller shutters, will be highly efficient and give you a sense of ease when you enter your tranquil home. The amount of noise that’ll be reduced is measured in decibels, and if you use this method, your noise that passes through will be reduced to 50%. You can also find some other types of roller shutters, like energy-saving roller shutters and some internal roller shutters, that’ll reduce your noise by up to 80%

Did You Know That You Can Get Electric Roller Shutters? 

That’s right, roller shutter innovation is so advanced that they designed electric roller shutters that can interact with your solar power, and you can simply click on your remote control to open or close the shutters. Since these roller shutters are made of soundproof materials, they’re also highly efficient in reducing outside noises.


You’ll have to use a combination of filling gaps with the silicone sealant all over your house and getting soundproof roller shutters installed to have the best effect in soundproofing your house. It’s always a good idea to make sure that the company you’re buying from has a good reputation, an excellent rating, and positive testimonials to make sure you receive the best quality possible. This is quite a cost-effective way of soundproofing your home, but if you want to make it more modern, there are a variety of roller shutters to choose from. You can also consider the electrical one if you have solar power. Remember that this is a good investment since it doesn’t only reduce noise, but it also has a whole lot of other advantages.

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