Do Roller Shutters Block Out Heat?

Apr 23, 2021

Good quality roller shutters help to regulate temperatures inside your home or business premises. They help reduce greenhouse gas emissions resulting from air conditioning use and lower your energy costs.

Let’s take a closer look at why roller shutters are better than other window coverings at making those hot days more comfortable.

Why use Window Coverings?

The Australian government has made several international commitments to improve energy efficiency and sustainable energy usage.

Glass isn’t an efficient insulator against sound and heat, but window coverings help to reduce noise and minimise the amount of heat loss and retention in your home or office.

Without window coverings other than curtains or internal fabric blinds, the intense sunlight quickly passes through your windows. As a result, your home gets unbearably hot, forcing you to rely heavily on air conditioning. In the long term, your windows and interior furnishings will be damaged by the light and heat streaming into your rooms.

As well as increasing your comfort, the improved insulation means that you use electric heating and cooling appliances less, so you’ll reduce emissions from electrical equipment.

Best Covering for Reducing Heat

In a 2015 comparison study by the University of Newcastle, external shutters were found to be the most energy-efficient window coverings. The study results didn’t differentiate between roller shutters and other kinds, but the essential characteristics are similar. 

They are fitted outside the window – either within the reveal or outside – and provide a physical barrier to the heat, creating an air gap between the shutter and the windowpane.

What’s the Best Shutter Type for Keeping Things Cool?

Although there are various kinds of shutters on the market, none of them has the structure of roller shutters. When fitted correctly, the same robust system that helps to keep your home secure also allows you to stay cool inside.

The overlapping blades of roller shutters are injected with polyurethane foam, forming an almost impenetrable barrier against hot air. Because roller shutters can almost completely block out the light from the sun, heat doesn’t hit your windows, helping to keep the inside cooler.

Roller shutters can block up to 90% of UV rays, meaning that the resulting hot air doesn’t end up overheating the inside of your property. This insulation also means that in winter, your home doesn’t lose so much heat.

Image of Roller Blinds Perth WA

What are the Benefits of Reducing the Heat in My Home?

Using your air conditioning a lot less carries a double benefit. Primarily, you’ll be helping the environment by significantly reducing carbon emissions, so there’s a greater good. Plus, because you’ll be using your electrical appliances less, you’ll reduce your energy bills. In general, surveys show an average energy bill saving of around 30% to 40%.

Of course, the most immediately noticeable advantage is that you’ll feel much more comfortable in your home or office with less reliance on artificial cooling systems.

Shutter Options

The two most common types are plantation shutters and roller shutters. You can buy both types in a custom design.

Plantation Shutters 


  • Single or multiple panels
  • Choice of materials
  • More stylish


  • Manual operation
  • Less efficient heat and light insulation due to gaps between slats

Read more about the Pros and Cons of plantation shutters here.

Roller Shutters


  • Best for heat and light insulation due to overlapping slats
  • Customisable
  • Choice of operation methods: manual, electric, or wireless remote


  • It can be more expensive
  • Box containing the mechanism can be a little intrusive


Roller shutters are proven to be the most effective way to reduce the heat in your home while also increasing sustainability, security, and the economy.