Are Roller Shutters the Right Choice For Your Business In Perth?

Sep 22, 2020

Roller shutters provide peace of mind for families, single occupants and essentially everyone else who wants to sleep easy and secure in their homes.

There’s so many reasons why roller shutters are a hit for homes, but what about for businesses?

It’s essentially up to the boss (and that could be you), to weigh up the pros, cons and cost-efficiency of commercial roller shutters Perth.

Not sold on commercial roller shutters yet? That’s okay.

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Commercial roller shutters provide security and privacy

The attraction of commercial roller shutters in Perth is due to their affordable protection and crime deterrent qualities.

Why? Because they:

  • Are made of 100% extruded aluminium which makes them durable and sturdy,
  • Make criminals think twice before breaking into your commercial space, and
  • Keep employees safe and necessary equipment stored securely on site.

Your employees will be grateful for the installation of Perth roller shutters – especially on the night shift! They’re safe inside, as are crucial equipment, safes and technology after locking up.

Commercial roller shutters Perth offer complete privacy at your fingertips with the options of:

  • Complete protection (fully down),
  • Unobstructed views (fully up), or
  • Somewhere in the middle, allowing some light and airflow (fully down but adjusted slats).

Security of belongings and employees and privacy are why many businesses are choosing commercial roller shutters Perth.

But why else?

Weather protection for businesses

Security and privacy are generally the two greatest reasons why people choose commercial roller shutters Perth installation, but there’s another benefit and that’s weather protection.

We’ve experienced some crazy, out-of-the blue storms in Perth from time to time that have battered cars, windows and businesses.

From wind to rain, hail to bushfires – the tough aluminium exterior of commercial and industrial roller shutters can definitely wear and bear it.

Just like protection and privacy from criminals, employees and essential workplace equipment are kept safe from the elements of outside.

A locally owned, operated commercial roller shutters Perth business manufacture the products to suit West Australians and the temperamental weather of Western Australia.

Easy to use and energy efficient

An appealing aspect of commercial roller shutters for Perth businesses is how easy they are to operate by anyone.

How? Smarter Outdoors:

  • Come with electrical operation or remote control,
  • Are Wi-Fi enabled and fitted with an innovative motor, and
  • Are all backed by a 10-year warranty.

Any employee, whether it’s the junior to the CEO can operate a commercial roller shutter.

Let the team at Smarter Outdoors show you how.

Also, the energy efficiency of roller shutters can help lower your business’ power bills by keeping heat in or keeping it out. Essentially, they’ll pay for themselves!

So, are roller shutters the right choice for your business?

If you want:

  • Security and privacy,
  • Weather protection, and
  • Easy to use, energy efficiency

For your business, commercial roller shutters Perth installation is waiting for you.

Ready for commercial roller shutters?

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