A Step by Step Roller Shutters Installation Guide

Jul 22, 2020

Roller shutter installation in Perth is an easier process than many may think.

It’s even more stress-free, fast and efficient when you choose a reliable roller shutter Perth company like Smarter Outdoors.

Today at Smarter Outdoors, we’re breaking down our simplified roller shutter installation process.

Are you interested in roller shutter installation process?

Read more to see how easy roller shutter installation can be for you, your home and/or business.


Step one: A fast and free Perth roller shutter quote

Like many things, obtaining a quote is the first step in the roller shutter installation process.

Isn’t it frustrating taking the first step to enquire about something, only for the company to leave you in limbo for days or weeks at a time? We’ve all been there!

At Smarter Outdoors, we’re smarter than that – by:

  • Having many accessible ways to contact us, by either filling out an easy online form, calling, emailing or dropping by our shop. Long story short, we’re reachable.
  • Providing a free and honest onsite quote – there’s no room or time for guestimates here!

No hassles, no worries and no obligations, that’s how Smarter Outdoors roll with the first step in our roller shutter installation Perth process.


Step two: Choosing the best roller shutter for your individual needs

If you’re happy with our quote, it’s time to choose the best roller shutter for your needs.

With a large range of roller shutters to suit your home or business’ architecture, colours and budget, this is often the hardest (but most exciting) part of your roller shutter installation process.

The choice and decision is yours, and we’re ready for your styles, colours and requirements.


Step three: Ordering and roller shutter installation in Perth

In just a matter of days from the initial quote, your very own Perth roller shutters will be ordered, made and installed for you.

Remember, just because it’s so quick, doesn’t mean there’s any compromise on quality or workmanship.

At Smarter Outdoors, we pride ourselves on:

  • A hassle-free installation with the perfect fit,
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee,
  • 10-year guarantee with our quality backed products, and
  • The best tech in the business: German designed motor, remote controls and Wi-Fi enabling.

Now that all the hard work is done, it’s time to reap the rewards of your very own Perth roller shutters.

Step four: Enjoy the benefits of your new roller shutters

Are you ready for peace of mind and added protection?

Are you ready for noise and light reduction for a better night’s sleep?

Are you ready to see your energy bills go down and your home comfortability go up?

These are only some of the benefits you’ll receive when you install roller shutters in Perth. With so little steps and so many reasons to install roller shutters, the only thing you’d have wanted was to do it sooner!

Ready to install some roller shutters?

Contact Smarter Outdoors today for a free quote and start your journey to peace and mind, protection and all the benefits that Perth roller shutters bring.