Why Choose Roller Shutters Over Blinds?

Nov 24, 2020

Blinds and curtains come stock-standard to many established home purchases, and new home buyers of new home builds are eager to put some in of their own for privacy.

But what if there was another addition to windows? Well, it turns out there is and that’s roller shutters.

There’s so many reasons to choose roller shutters over just blinds and curtains. If you’re struggling to think of them, the roller shutters Perth specialists at Smarter Outdoors are here to remind you of them.

Read more to find out why.

Enhanced weather protection

Wind, fire, rain, hail, harsh sun and biting cold – when you have roller shutters Perth, you’re well and truly protected from these.

The elements can very well damage your window and even your interior when you have only blinds.

But not when you have roller shutters – Why?

  • Blinds and curtains are installed and function on the interior of homes, while
  • Roller shutters are fixed and functional on the outside of windows and home exteriors.

The strong, durable and customisable materials and features of roller shutters Perth ensure superior protection from rain, wind and other weather-related events.

Easy to use and easy to control electronic roller shutters ensure and assure you it’s easy to stay calm in the next Perth wild weather event.

Impressive intruder deterrent

Everybody has a right to stay safe in their home, but unfortunately, it’s up to the homeowner to make it happen. So, what can you do? Find the right product for you from the roller shutter Perth specialists.

Here’s how roller shutters fight crime:

  • They create an almost impenetrable fortress on your property or business’ exterior (but don’t worry, they don’t have to look like a fortress if you don’t want them to),
  • Reduce the risk of intruders (one look at a roller shuttered home or business and a trespasser will probably look elsewhere),
  • They’re super secure, super durable and provide superior peace of mind.

Blinds and curtains just don’t provide the added security and protection from crime that roller shutters do. If the security of your home and business, and safety of your loved ones and staff is important to you, then you need roller shutter Perth installation.

Incredible energy efficiency

Yes, I know how roller shutters Perth provide protection from the elements and protection from intruders, but I just can’t afford them!

It’s time to switch your thinking about roller shutters because they’re actually quite affordable, especially from the roller shutters Perth specialists at Smarter Outdoors.

Here’s how:

  • In no time at all, they’ll be paying for themselves because of their eco-friendliness and thermal efficiency,
  • This means your power bills will stay low because they’ll greatly assist your home and business to stay cool in summer and warm in winter, and
  • Smarter Outdoors offer the lowest prices in Perth for roller shutters with 0% interest payment plans available.

Rather than rely on blinds and curtains, roller shutters have all your privacy, security and weather protection needs 100% covered.

Need help with anything roller shutters Perth?

Contact Smarter Outdoors today for added protection and peace of mind with affordable, energy efficient roller shutter installation.