What are the different types of Outdoor Shutters

Oct 1, 2019

Outdoor shutters in Perth are one of the widely bought categories of shutters, and people like to buy it because it enhances the beauty of the walls from the outside. There is not just one utility but more than that.

It helps in providing better security, and it also helps in better insulation and maintenance of the temperature.

We are here to discuss the different types of outdoor shutter options that you will be having when you set out looking for one. It is good to have prior knowledge about Outdoor shutters in Perth so that when you are out there looking for the shutters, you are smart enough to understand which one is going to best suit your house and budget.

Here are a few of the shutters type, based on size and window coverage:

Café Style

The inspiration for these café style shutters was taken from Europe when the people or the café owners there used it in cafes to protect the customers from the harsh weather. From then, it is has come to be known as café blinds, but it is now used in a lot of options.

So, this is the very first kind of Outdoor shutter in Perth


Next is the Full-height. This is not a technical name, but you can easily get this one if you tell the dealer to get you a full-height outdoor shutter. There are options to get it in louvred and solid shutters. Pick the one you like.

Both are great!

However, if you are looking for a louvred one, then it is going to be more readily available than the other one. When you are looking for a solid one, then you can talk to the dealer in advance. Smarter Outdoor is one place where you can inquire about Outdoor shutters in Perth.

If you were unaware of the differences, you check the images of the shutters online — the solid shutters look like the window shutters.


Have you ever heard of this kind of shutter? These are having a division in between, and you have the option to open the one you are willing to open and keep the other one shut.


The shutters come in many shapes, and one of the kinds is arc-shaped shutters. The upper border of the shutter is domed or arched shaped, and it is preferred by many of the people who want to go for the antique or the countryside look for their houses. A great way to experiment with Outdoor shutters in Perth.

French Door-Cuts

Slightly uncommon to go for, but you can get it if you start to search for it. It is good when you are trying to get a little experimental.

There are options to No-Fold Single panel shutters and also Bi-Fold Double Panel Shutters, and yes, there are also tri-fold.

This was all about the type of shutters that are there in the market. Now, we are going to look up the materials that are used in making the shutters.

Materials used in making shutters

There are many materials that can be used, but of course, the materials that are used have to ensure durability.


The first thing that is widely used in the making of shutters is wood, and I believe it was not hard to guess. By looking at most of the shutters, we can understand that it is made up of wood.

Engineered Wood

The next option that is most widely used is engineered wood.

So, what is the difference between the two?

When we are talking about engineered Outdoor shutters in Perth, what we mean is a series of wooden parts are joined together. Small wooden parts are entailed into one whole body.


After this, we have the laminate option. Here a few lumber slats are pasted together, which makes one sturdy and robust body to be used in the shutter. Naturally, the slats are made to stick to each other with the help of glue. The glue is also of higher quality, which helps the slats to remain like that almost forever.


Outdoor shutters in Perth also come in metals. But there is a problem of buckling or warping, and this can be prevented when the metals are well coated. Out of all the options, this one is suggested last. It is not that one cannot pull off a metallic outdoor shutter, but you are going to have good care and inspection routine of it.


The full form of PVC is Polyvinyl chloride.  In simple words, it can be called hard vinyl and is reinforced in a very heavy manner. It is one of the most widely used materials in outdoor shutters.

Before you finally decide to spend your money on Outdoor shutters in Perth, make sure there are certain things that you have gone through.

Here is the checklist before buying outdoor shutters:

  • The very first thing that you are going to decide is to find out at which place you are going to put up the outdoor shutters. Until you have decided that it is not going to be possible to get it installed. There might not be any suitable place to get the shutters installed, and your money will go to waste. So, find out where the installation can be done, and if at all, the installation can be done.
  • Once you are sure that your house, office, restaurant, or shop is well suited for the Outdoor Shutters in Perth, then you are going to see the budget. The budget here will include not only the cost of the product but also the cost of installation and also some changes that may be needed in the window for the shutters to fit in. So, don’t just check the price of the shutter and imagine that mentioned amount as your budget. Dig deeper and get to the right amount with the help of people who have recently got it done.
  • If you do not know anybody like that, then get in touch with a professional who is going to assist you through the process with all the expertise. It is always great to have a professional helping us in Outdoor Shutters in Perth than we are taking naïve decisions and, in the end, making a huge loss of money and time.
  • There are many kinds of outdoor shutters. There are Outdoor plantation shutters and also roller shutters, and security shutters. Some are classified based on height and size. By going through a reliable catalogue, you have to decide which of the shutter you are willing to go for or if you think it is going to enhance and beautify the façade of your house or office or the café.
  • Outdoor Shutters in Perth of different price ranges. If you are looking for outdoor shutters, then you have to find out which one you are looking for and which one is going to fit in your budget. There is no point in trying to desire shutters that are going to be out of your budget and disturb your monthly expenditure.
  • Before you buy the product, find out how well you will have to care for it. And here, you must evaluate yourself and your routine whether you will be able to give that amount of time or not. As far as shutters are concerned, a weekly dusting is going to be good enough. If you see some more significant damage coming up, then you can call the professionals or the installers of Outdoor Shutters in Perth who have installed it and get it fixed before it becomes a major issue.
  • Before you are deciding on a company, you must be aware of the company and the things that you know about that company are not just the phone number or the email ID but a lot more than that. For this, you will have to read the blogs that are there on the website and also go through the pages.

So, these were some of the points that will help get Outdoor Shutters in Perth at a good price, without much hassle and also will eliminate the running around after the work is over.