Get Your Property Bushfire Ready with this Guide

Jan 29, 2021

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Summer is synonymous with sunshine and beaches, feeling hot and trying to stay cool. 

Summertime also means it’s bushfire season, and while we live in hope that a bushfire will never affect us, it’s always best to be ready. 

With the urban sprawl, dry scrubs and hot, windy conditions – depending on where you live, not being bushfire ready could be dangerous. 

So, how can you get your home and/or business bushfire ready? 

Read more from the Perth roller shutters experts at Smarter Outdoors to find out. 


Plant wisely 

Many of us believe mulch is better than pea gravel and rocks. However, if you’re near natural bushland or bushfire prone areas, pea gravel and rocks are a better idea for your garden. 


  • Placing gravel around your plants will minimise the possibilities of a grass fire travelling across your garden and engulfing your home in a fire. 
  • Also, you should keep plants far away from your windows, as although they may look good, if a fire hits them, it will reach your home. 

Make the safe choice and landscape your home accordingly if you’re in a bushfire prone area. 

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services have a fantastic, interactive map to identify your bushfire risk in Western Australia. 


Clear your roof gutters 

Keeping on top of your gutter clearing and maintenance is a great way to protect your home or business from a fire emergency. Leaves, rubbish and other debris are easily flammable. 

Clear your roof gutters regularly to maximise your home’s safety. 


Invest in a long house and static water supply signage 

In the event of a fire or bushfire close to your residence, you will need a long hose if you plan on staying and defending. A long hose is necessary to water down all sides of your house or business and boundaries, so if a small spot fire presents itself, it can be put out. 

What is static water supply signage? 

  • Signage that alerts passing firefighters of any water storage they can utilise to fight nearby bushfires like a pool or water tank. 

Protecting properties and lives in a bushfire is everybody’s responsibility. 


Prepare early and install fire-resistant, security roller shutters in Perth 

Don’t wait until it’s too late to be bushfire ready. Pack essentials like clothes, electronics and other valuables and herd up the kids and fur-kids, too. 

Also, keep windows shut during a bushfire near your property. Fireproof security roller shutters in Perth are a perfect option to shut out smoke, as well as providing extra structural protection to your home. 

How do they work? 

  • Fire-resistant security roller shutters in Perth protect your home, its contents and your loved ones from floating embers and ignited debris entering your home. 
  • So, if you’re locking up and leaving or staying and defending, security roller shutters in Perth may help save your property and lives. 

Smarter Outdoors are the trusted name for roller shutters Perth. We help people make smart decisions to protect their homes from intruders and wild weather conditions. 


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