Why Windows Alone Just Don’t Cut It

Feb 22, 2021

The function of windows is to let light and air in, and if done right, can add architectural decoration, too.

It’s easy to think windows alone will protect you from the elements, criminals and provide other beneficial results. The real question is, how sufficient are our windows in doing all this and more

Do windows really deliver compared to other means and measures?

Read more from the Perth roller shutter experts at Smarter Outdoors to find out.

Windows aren’t all that secure

Windows are solid and lockable, but anyone who has played backyard cricket knows they’re not unbreakable. It takes just one brick, one sports ball, or one fallen tree to your window for it to smash and be rendered useless.

This is why relying on windows alone for your own and your family’s safety is not recommended.

There’s a smarter way – trusting Smarter Outdoors to measure, build and install security roller shutters for your home or business.


  • Roller shutters on your Perth home or business will provide both a physical and visible deterrent to criminals.
  • Your home or business will be protected against freak weather events and backyard cricket accidents (if they’re being utilised at the time, that is).

Secure your home and business with all that Perth security roller shutters provide.

Rise and shine when you don’t need it

We mentioned that one of the functions of a window is to let the sunlight indoors. This is a good thing, right? To some, yes! To others, no.

Who might not want bright, shining sunlight:

  • Newborns and their sleep-deprived parents,
  • Shift-workers,<
  • Insomniacs and light sleepers,

Also, depending on the orientation of your home, some rooms may get very, very hot in the peak of summer. While ‘toasty’ temperatures are pleasant in winter, they are far from pleasant in warmer temperatures.

Installing Perth roller shutters is a great way to control light pollution and temperatures, rather than relying on windows, curtains and interior blinds.

Windows don’t stand up against noise

Unless you have double glazed windows, it’s safe to safe you can hear anything and everything happening on your streets. From traffic to airplanes, croaking frogs to chirping birds, sometimes we want to hear absolutely nothing.

Roller shutters will reduce noise pollution outside your home or business far greater than windows alone.

Windows and weather

Ever lie awake at night during a storm thinking your windows are surely going to shatter?

Most often than not, they won’t, but that won’t stop the rattling and worry.

The wood, brick and framing around your windows will wear and tear over time and be affected by wild weather.

In the event of a bushfire, flying debris is a major issue. Whilst closing your windows during a nearby fire is a good idea, roller shutters is a better step to protect your home.

Windows are essential to any property. However, if security and control over your climate and environment is important to you, roller shutters are a cut above windows every time.

Need security roller shutters in Perth?  

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