Sleep Guide For Shift Workers And How Smarter Outdoors Can Help!

Dec 8, 2020

Sleep is an essential function for our bodies that gives us the opportunity to refresh, recharge and stay alert for the next day. Without sleep we would cease to function. We all know the brain fog and irritability that can arise from a disrupted or poor sleep.

While sleep comes naturally to some of us, falling and staying asleep is a problem for others, especially shift workers.

Want to know some sleep hygiene tips for shift workers (and other people for that matter)?

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Do you have Shift Work Sleep Disorder?

Sleeping soundly throughout the day is hard for many of us. After all, the sun is out, people are out, lawns are being mowed, children are playing and there’s more cars on the road.

Overnight and shift workers can suffer from Shift Work Sleep Disorders.

This is more than just being tired. Let’s explore the signs of this sleep disturbance:

  • Excessive sleepiness whilst awake and needing to be productive,
  • Insomnia – that is, difficulty falling and staying asleep and waking up tired,
  • Difficulty concentrating during waking hours,
  • Lack of energy, increased irritability and depression, and
  • Difficulty maintaining personal relationships.

Recognising you have a combination or perhaps all of the above is a great first step as it helps you now find ways fight it!

How you can get better sleep

Ready to get a good night’s rest (or day’s rest if you’re a shift worker).

Start by implementing these strategies:

  • Try to avoid frequently rotating – stick to a schedule if possible. Your body will thank you.
  • Keep your workplace bright and your bedroom dark.
  • Limit your caffeine. A 4am coffee to get you through the remaining hours may seem like a good idea, but if you’re going straight to bed after work, it’s a definite no-no.
  • Turn off distractions – just as you would if going to bed at a normal hour. This is your phone, TV, computer and any noises (unless you like white noise to get to sleep).
  • Block out the sunlight and noise – installing roller shutters is a great way to achieve all this and more.

If you follow all these steps and install some Perth roller shutters, you’re on your way to getting a better sleep in no time.

Perth Roller Shutters to help shift workers and light sleepers

Residential Roller Shutters

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Why install roller shutters?

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  • They reduce your power bills by blocking out the sun, keeping you cool all summer.

When you trust in the roller shutters Perth experts, you’ll have a sturdy and attractive home addition to reduce noise and light pollution and keep you safe as you enjoy your sleep.

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