How Do You Maintain Roller Shutters

Jun 11, 2021

You should maintain you residential outdoor roller shutters because they will not only start to look unpleasant, but stop working correctly. In today’s blog we will take a look at how to clean and maintain your roller shutters.

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Get Rid of the Dirt

So you’re thinking, “I’ve got a hose and a dirty shutter, why not just hose the shutter?” The answer is more severe than you’d think – you could hose dust and other particles into the roller’s mechanism and it could get stuck.

Rather, you should use a cloth and start wiping it up. Stay away from steel wool and rubbing brushes as they might damage the shutter. Try to rub on the surface gently as being too aggressive will also decrease the lifespan of your shutter.

Use Water and Detergent

Once all the dust is gone you can start cleaning the shutter with warm water and mild soap. DO NOT wipe it with silicone-based gels as this can damage the shutter. When you clean your roller shutter you should not use any detergents with harsh chemicals or any metallic brushes.

Use Your Hose

After all this is done you can use your water hose with a lower volume spray of water on the surfaces of the roller shutter. Try not to aim for the pelmet since water shouldn’t go in there. Wipe the surfaces dry.

Check Your Side Guides

After the surface has dried, roll up the shutter until it’s manageable to work with the side guides.

This is very important as the movement of the shutter depends on it: use a soft brush or an old toothbrush to remove all the things stuck in there.

If you hose down the side guides, do it softly to make sure not to move any of the smaller parts. Let it dry and then you can lower it again.

Check Your Pelmet

The performance of the roller shutter depends heavily on the pelmet, so make sure you clean it thoroughly. You can use a broom for this task as it’s a bigger area to clean. You can also then hose it and leave it to dry.

Check the Inside

You should also clean the insides and make sure that there’s no dirt and dust. You might think this seems ridiculous, but the dust on the inside can also prevent opening and closing window roller shutters from working properly.

Maintenance Tips

Make sure you do a shutter clean every six months, and apply grease on the side guides and bearings once a year. Lubrication will help ensure your rolling mechanism runs like it’s supposed to.

When you open a shutter, try to do it gently and regularly so that it won’t cause problems in the future. If you are moving your shutter during relocation, make sure the person packing it doesn’t just vigorously slam it into the box without care as this would most probably damage it.


It all sounds very overwhelming cleaning your outdoor blinds, but I can assure you it’s not that bad at all. You’ll clean it in no time! The longevity of your rollers depends on how properly maintained they are.

Just to recap, the most important part of the shutter is the guides on the side and pelmet since these need to be in perfect working order. You should also clean and maintain your shutter with soft bristles, not with scrubbing brushes or with abrasive cleaners like methylated spirits. So, it’s quite easy. Why don’t you try it?